Don’t let the fact that this is racing in KA’s fool you. EnduroKA is serious racing, but it’s also seriously fun!

Established in 2019 as a grass roots entry point into endurance racing, EnduroKA races feature an hour of qualifying, followed by a team endurance race that varies in length from 5 hours through to 24 hours where a mixture of consistency, racecraft and strategy will be the keys to a good result. With us you’ll typically be in a 3 driver line-up, which gives you a great balance between plenty of driving time but also good resting periods to make sure you’re ready for your time on track.

Although this is club level endurance racing, the competition is incredibly intense. You’ll be competing against teams and drivers with backgrounds in professional motorsport who are enjoying themselves on an off weekend away from the pressures and commitments of professional motorsport. EnduroKA entry lists have been known to feature drivers such as Le Mans winner Nick Tandy, British Touring Car champion Tim Harvey and many more.

What’s more although the cars are amusingly slow compared to a normal race car, that doesn’t mean they’re easy to drive! While the straights may feel incredibly long, that also means that the braking zones are incredibly short. Driving a KA quickly is all about the momentum you can maintain and the commitment this requires through the corners is a challenge for anyone. The slow speed of the cars and the usually large grids, means that often you’ll find yourself racing in multi-car packs and you could find yourself battling with the same group of cars for hours on end. This is a true motorsport challenge, albeit in slow motion.

To find out more about racing in EnduroKA, send us an enquiry through the contact form.